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Volume 4 of the OJBR presents Walk That Dog: The Emergence of Walking Bass Lines In Jazz, Regan Brough's examination of the bassists who contributed to the evolution of the walking bass line in jazz from its antecedents in tuba performance, arco two-feel, plucked two-feel, and slap bass technique.

Jazz papers have been submitted to OJBR in the past, but Mr. Brough's article is the first paper covering a jazz topic to be accepted and published by OJBR, and I am hopeful that this paper can add to the corpus of papers and enhance the discourse of research about early jazz bass.

Since several of Mr. Brough's supporting references draw on vivid biographical information and descriptions of very early recordings, the article should also be of interest to wider audiences that include classical bassists, electric bassists, and the broader jazz audience.

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